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How to Get the Best Results From Your First Botox® Treatment

 How to Get the Best Results From Your First Botox® Treatment

Botox® is by far the most popular medical cosmetic treatment in the United States for both women and men, with between 4 million and 5 million treatments performed every year. The main reasons: It’s a simple procedure, it’s affordable, and it works.

At LUNA MED SPA & WASHINGTON OB-GYN, P.A., our team of skilled Botox specialists customizes Botox treatments to suit each patient’s unique goals, for ultimate patient satisfaction. If you’re eagerly anticipating your first Botox session at our San Antonio, Texas, practice, here’s what you can do to ensure you get the best results.

How Botox works

Many lines and wrinkles form when your facial muscles contract to form facial expressions. These lines and wrinkles are called dynamic wrinkles because they form in response to movement. 

Some wrinkles form from other causes, like age-related changes in your skin, sun damage, or even genetics. These are called static wrinkles because they’re not associated with facial movements. 

Botox is designed to treat dynamic wrinkles by blocking the nerve signals that cause specific muscle contractions. When the muscles don’t contract, they don’t tug and pull on your skin, so lines and wrinkles can’t form.

Preparing for your treatment

One advantage of Botox injections is that they really don’t require any extensive preparation. But for your first treatment session, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re ready.


Regardless of how many positive reviews you’ve read about Botox, it’s natural to feel a little nervous before your first treatment. One of the best ways to relax is to ask your provider to carefully go over what to expect during and after your treatment. Having that information in advance can go a long way toward helping you relax and look forward to your results.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol can both affect your circulation and healing. Ideally, avoid tobacco and alcohol products for a couple days before your treatment to give your skin a quick boost in healthy circulation.

Ask about medications

Botox is fine when used in combination with most medicines. But there are a few medicines that might cause some issues, like excessive bruising or bleeding. These include blood thinners, muscle relaxants, some allergy medications, and common over-the-counter medicines like aspirin. Before your appointment, ask your provider about what medicines are safe to take and if you should change your dose on the day of your session or before.

Ask about medical conditions

If you have a nerve or muscle disease, you have an infection near the treatment area, severe allergies, or bleeding disorders, Botox might not be a good choice for you. Before your treatment session, let your provider know about your medical history to avoid potential issues.

Talk to your provider about your goals

Botox treatment can be customized based on the locations of the injections and the amount of Botox that’s used. Before your session, talk to your provider about what results you’re looking for so your treatment can be adjusted for your goals.

Be realistic about your expectations

Botox is very effective in relaxing and smoothing out dynamic facial lines and wrinkles, but a single treatment session isn’t going to make you look 20 years younger, nor will it address other issues like static wrinkles or sagging skin. However, Botox can be used in combination with fillers and other treatments to address those issues. Ask your provider about combination treatments if you have other concerns you’d like to address.

Learn more about Botox treatments

It typically takes about 3-7 days to see optimal results of your Botox treatment, and those results last for up to six months. Botox treatments can be repeated to help you prolong your results so you can look and feel your best.

To learn more about Botox treatment at LUNA MED SPA & WASHINGTON OB-GYN, P.A., book an appointment online or over the phone today.

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