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Birth Control Specialist


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If you’re sexually active but want to avoid getting pregnant, turn to LUNA MED SPA & WASHINGTON OB-GYN, P.A., in San Antonio, Texas. Board-certified providers Jerome Washington, MD, and Valerie Calzada, MSN, RN, FNP-C, offer a variety of highly effective birth control options that match your needs and preferences. To learn more, schedule an appointment with LUNA MED SPA & WASHINGTON OB-GYN, P.A. by phone or book online today.

Birth Control Q&A

What is birth control?

Birth control includes a variety of treatments that dramatically reduce your risk of becoming pregnant while sexually active. You can gain peace of mind knowing you’re protected from going through a pregnancy you’re not ready for yet. Birth control works by preventing fertilization, egg release, or implantation into your uterus.

What are the different types of birth control?

Some of the many types of birth control available at LUNA MED SPA & WASHINGTON OB-GYN, P.A. include:

Birth control pills

You take birth control pills daily by mouth as directed by your specialist to ensure they work effectively for pregnancy prevention. 

Barrier methods

You must remember to use barrier birth control methods each time you have sexual intercourse. Examples of such methods include diaphragms, condoms, cervical caps, and sponges.


Birth control patches are simple to use. Your provider gives you prescription patches to place on your skin. They release hormones that prevent pregnancy, but you must replace them as directed by your doctor to work effectively. 


The LUNA MED SPA & WASHINGTON OB-GYN, P.A. providers can place Nexplanon® or other birth control implants underneath the skin in your upper arm to prevent pregnancy for several years or longer. 

Intrauterine devices (IUDs)

IUDs are tiny devices your specialist inserts through the vagina into your uterus to prevent pregnancy. Hormonal and non-hormonal IUDs are available, depending on your individualized needs.


Depo-Provera® birth control shots are another option for pregnancy prevention. Repeating shots every few months can prevent pregnancy long-term. 

Vaginal rings

You can place birth control rings into your vagina to release hormones and lower your chance of becoming pregnant. 


Sterilization, such as tubal occlusion or tubal ligation, is a permanent (surgical) birth control method designed for women who do not wish to become pregnant now or in the future. 

Which type of birth control is right for me?

To find out which type of birth control is best for you, your provider discusses your medical history and completes a physical examination, including a pelvic exam if needed. They could recommend blood tests or other diagnostic tests to detect or rule out women’s health problems. 

The right choice for you depends on your health, lifestyle, and preferences, as well as your desire to have (or not have) children in the future.

To learn more about birth control options available at LUNA MED SPA & WASHINGTON OB-GYN, P.A., call the office or book an appointment online today.